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Our Story

Once upon a time, on top of a huge mountain, the founders of our unique town layed the cornerstone of the first tower of many.
This town was meant to be special. Instead of houses, they only built incredibly large towers. People liked to live up high, up in the clouds with breathtaking views. Over time more and more towers went and came, all in different styles, shapes, colours, sizes...

Recently, the life in town has become more difficult than ever before, because of the height of some of our precious buildings.
However, we believe that anyone can become a local hero by doing something special for those in need.
That's why we need people like you to make living in this amazing town just a little bit better to someone.

Do something big by doing something small

So, what's wrong?

Are there really so many problems? Well, here are a few examples of the main issues that our we as a community are experiencing. Most of them are quite common, so you might have encountered or be familiar with some already.

Loneliness upstairs

Sometimes the high altitude of the towers and the neverending silence of the sky can make some citizens feel lonely and bored.


Due to the age of a lot of towers, some of them are badly in need of repair and have a lot of incurred damage. A few towers are even crooked!


As you already have guessed, to transport something or yourself to another tower is quite the excersise. Because of stairs, you can only transport goods by foot. Not very elderly-friendly!

Missing out

Not everyone gets the chance of going upstairs and enjoying the view. Obviously some people are afraid of heights, and they never dare to go up.

tower with problems

Do you wish to rise?
Begin by descending!

If you want to become a hero, you have to take a step back and look for small things that can make someones life happier.
As an example, here below are 3 everyday people who did a small, heroic act.


10 y/o


38 y/o
Construction worker


23 y/o
building tower Click on the heroes to see their story

So, ready to take action?

Are you all pumped up to do something about the situation now? Then don’t hesitate, go out there and make a difference for someone! If you’re not sure yet if you would be a suitable hero, you can try our test and see how much you score

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